Maternal Genetics

 Our goal in this business is simple, raise cattle that work for us, not the other way around. Converting low quality forage (grass) into high quality protein (beef) is our business. We feel that we don’t raise bulls, our cows do. Our cows are the factory and we don’t believe that cattle are a one size fits all, and that certain cattle are more profitable in one environment than they would be in another. Here in Northeast Wyoming the winters are long and the snow gets deep. It is important for us and our customers that in a 12 month period, the cow will calve, breed back in short order, raise a calf that is ideally 50 percent of her own body weight or higher, and do it all with the least amount of supplemental feed as possible. Disposition is important, but not at the expense mothering ability. Most of our customers require their cows to calve on the range with no help, where it doesn’t matter if she eats cake out of your hand, but, it is important that she takes care of her calf. However, it is possible to have both, and we strive for it. We believe that EPD’s are important tools, but we look at them entirely differently. There is an EPD for almost everything and what we are looking for is optimum balance between maternal, growth and carcass traits. We have chosen to ignore the trend of bigger being better and have gone back in the annals of time, to find bulls, such as 6807, EXT and Quantum, which have consistently set the standard for the last 20 plus years.